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Film Production Service Los Angeles


PSW is a film production service company based in Los Angeles. Our team of producers can help you shoot anywhere in North America where we have contacts all across the US and Canada.

Clients (Partial list)

Cadillac, Canon, GE, GMC, Harbin, Hyundai, Lincoln, Nike, VW  


  • Casting
  • Talent Negotiations
  • Location Scouting
  • Post Production
  • Payroll


Client:   Cadillac / Eskimo 
Director: Terry Rayment 
Location: Alberta, Canada

Client:   GMC Sierra / Eskimo 
Director: !Rush 
Location: Central California

Client:   Byton / Gate 11, Munich 
Director: Juergen Bollmeyer 
Location: Los Angeles

Client:   Harbin Beer / Lunar Films, Shanghai
Director: Li Min
Location: Atlanta, GA

Client:   Hyundai / Innocean
Director: Cyril Guyot
Location: Los Angeles

Client:   GE China / Lunar Films, Shanghai 
Director: Psyop 
Location: Cincinatti & Seattle

Client:   Hyundai / Innocean
Director: Juergen Bollmeyer
Location: Los Angeles 

Client:   Canon / Two Oceans Films, Singapore 
Director: Theresa Wingert 
Location: Los Angeles

Client:   Lincoln
Director: Juergen Bollmeyer
Location  Los Angeles

Client:   President Ice Tea / Lunar Films, Shanghai 
Director: Henri Barges 
Location: Los Angeles
Client:   Mother Energy / Brilliant Films, Sydney 
Director: Gary John 
Location: Los Angeles


Client:  Samsung / Cheil, Seoul 
Photog:  Alan Clarke 
Location:New York


Jeff Tannebring
3607 Alma Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266