About Us

PREP/SHOOT/WRAP is a production service company based in Los Angeles. We provide complete production support for companies who want to shoot in Los Angeles or any where in North America. Bring your own director or work with one of the talented directors we can offer along with some amazing DP’S, Production Designers, and Stylists to help bring your vision to life. Take a look at some of our recent work below and see for yourself.

Toyota July 2019

Recent Projects

Client:   NBA 2k / Lunar Films, Shanghai
Director: Alastair McKevitt
Location: Las Vegas
Client:   Samsung / Cheil, Seoul
Director: Philip Boston
Location: Miami
Client:   Byton / Gate 11, Munich 
Director: Juergen Bollmeyer 
Location: Los Angeles
Client:   Harbin Beer / Lunar Films, Shanghai
Director: Li Min
Location: Atlanta, GA
Client:   Brands / Two Oceans Films, Y&R Singapore
Director: Warren Klass
Location  Boulder, CO
Client:   GE China / Lunar Films, Shanghai 
Director: Psyop 
Location: Cincinatti & Seattle


Client:   President Ice Tea / Lunar Films, Shanghai 
Director: Henri Barges 
Location: Los Angeles
Client:   Mother Energy / Brilliant Films, Sydney 
Director: Gary John 
Location: Los Angeles


Client:  Samsung / Cheil, Seoul 
Photog:  Alan Clarke 
Location:New York



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1119 N Beverly Glen Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90077